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Physiotherapy is the art of restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal physical function (APTA).

A physiotherapist is a regulated healthcare professional who is skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and management of physical problems. A physiotherapist can determine the cause of the dysfunction through a detailed physical examination, and develop a treatment and rehabilitation program specifically designed for each individual.

Physiotherapy is not limited to rehabilitation of injury and the effects of disease or disability. The treatment also provides education and advice for promoting wellness and preventing disease and injury.

When daily life is changed due to an injury, accident, chronic medical condition or re-injury, a physiotherapist can help get you back to doing the activities you enjoy. You will be assessed by the registered physiotherapist to determine range of motion, muscle strength, postural alignment and abnormalities in movement patterns, body mechanics and quality of movement with daily activities.

According to your assessment results, a personalized plan of care will be designed to meet your recovery goals.

Treatment Benefits

Reducing Pain
Blood Circulation
Reduce Dependency On Medicine

Pricing & Rates

45 min
1-1 session
30 min