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Life Coaching

Life coaching is an action-oriented and solution-based approach where you are not just listened to but offered effective solutions to help you reach your goals. Through the coaching conversations, exercises, various tools and techniques, reflection, powerful questioning and inquiry you develop the confidence and the trust in self to not just live a mediocre life but to thrive on the right track.
We will work from the inside-out. We will explore your values; who you really are and what is right for you – not just what you were told was right but what you really want out of your life. Looking at this, along with exploring what challenges get in the way, you will begin to create the life of your dreams. This is when you will begin to truly live authentically and find fulfillment and satisfaction in the life you have created. Life coaching helps people to create changes that will lead to the results they desire. ​It helps clients to discover, clarify and align with what they want to attain.
Life coaching can address many different areas in a clients life.  It can be used to help with short term or long term projects.  Clients are able to set better goals and reach those goals. In explaining life coaching, sometimes it helps to explain what coaching is not.  It is not psychotherapy, counselling, mentoring or consulting.  However, there are some similarities.  We will not look at your past but your future.  It is not about me telling you what to do – this is a highly ineffective way to promote continuous life long changes or growth.  How many times have you been lectured or told what to do?  and did you find it motivating?  Coaching is about your agenda. You decide what you want to cover and when to stop.  You will find the right answers for you.  However, I may guide you through my questioning and re-framing to find new choices and healthier perspectives.  Coaching is about using some incredible tools and techniques to help you learn how to get what you want.  

Treatment Benefits

Enhance Confidence
Reduces Stress
Improve The Quality Of Your Life

Pricing & Rates

Life coaching
75 min
Life coaching
60 min